To contact a staff member, please dial 416-218-0010 or 1-800-303-1004 and dial the individual’s extension below:
Paul Bishop
Programs Coordinator, Western Canada
extension 127
Carissa Di Gangi 
Associate Director, Programs & Policy
extension 126
Erica Ruth Kelly
Programs Coordinator, Quebec and Atlantic Canada
extension 131
Sadia Khan
Senior Programs Manager
extension 130
Camille Koon
Programs Coordinator, Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area
extension 136
Jordan Meron
Project Manager
extension 133
Janet Mowat
Programs Coordinator, Central Canada
extension 135
Jesse Myers
Programs Coordinator, Ontario
extension 122
Allison Nichol Longtin 
Programs Manager
extension 125
Ana Oliveira
Director of Marketing, Communications and Development
extension 121
Michale Raske
Finance and Administration Manager
extension 124
Mack Rogers
Executive Director
extension 132


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